The Farmville District:

Vision of the Farmville District of the Virginia United Methodist Conference
“Being passionate about leading, listening and loving all people to build
up the Kingdom.”

* One Church Plant
* A Campus Ministry for Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College
* 107 United Methodist Churches  Wesley Fdn BldgOur district:
* covers over 5,500 square miles
* is in 12 counties of Southside VA,
* is geographically the largest of 16 districts in the Virginia Conference, one of the largest conferences in Methodism.

The churches are filled with people who share a unique history and faith perspective. No matter how or where they serve Jesus Christ, United Methodists do God’s work in a unique structure—referred to as “the connection.” It is our connectedness that makes us strong, enabling us to work together in making disciples and in being the hands and feet to the poor, the lonely, and the marginalized people in our world today. 
Vision for the Farmville District…
“Being passionate about leading, listening and loving all people to build up the Kingdom.”

From Bishop Sharma D. Lewis -
A challenge to read the Bible in 2017 – Follow this link  http://backtothebible.org/reading-guide/15/1.
Please take a short survey to let the bishop know if you are participating in the Bible reading challenge.


Find the DISTRICT PRAYER INFORMATION AND LOCAL CHURCH PRAYER SCHEDULE by clicking on http://umcfarmville.org/wpcontent/uploads/2013/01/A-FarmvillePrays.pdf.

April 2nd, this Sunday, a specific prayer should be utilized.  Also during that Sunday service, congregants are invited to come forward to pray at the altar, specifically for the Commission on a Way Forward. Clergy and laity of each Connectional Circle within our district holds the other members of your circle accountable to pray during this time. Specifically, we ask that each Circle hold a prayer meeting on one day of this week (see schedule at the site listed above). (Please note, the Prince Edward Circle and Charlotte Circle have been merged. They appear in the list as the Charlotte Circle (yet to be renamed).) Note: This is in addition to asking that you pray every day at 9:00 pm that God’s will be done, and pray for the Commission on a Way Forward (as our DS has asked in each week’s E-letter).

You will find prayers for every day of this week at http://www.vaumc.org/PrayForward. You will also find additional readings and scriptures for the week of prayer.

The United Methodist Church
Virginia Conference

Sharma D. Lewis
Resident Bishop
P. O. Box 5606
Glen Allen, VA 23058

March 29, 2017

Dear Friends,

On April 2-8, the Virginia Conference will engage in an intentional time of prayer for the mission and unity of The United Methodist Church.  Specific to this focused prayer ministry will be prayers for the work of The Commission on a Way Forward.  You may access resources for this week of prayer on the conference web site at www.vaumc.org/PrayForward.

In addition to this week of prayer, I invite our annual conference to join together in praying that God’s will be done as the Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church meets on April 25-28.  One of the items on the Judicial Council’s docket will be the consideration of the Western Jurisdiction’s July 2016 election of Bishop Karen Oliveto.  A question and answer document has been produced by the Southeastern Jurisdiction’s College of Bishops in preparation for the upcoming meeting of the Judicial Council.  This document may be accessed at www.vaumc.org/QAJudicial.

As the resident bishop of the Virginia Conference, I offer my prayers that God’s voice may be heard through the ministry of The Commission on a Way Forward, the upcoming meeting of the Judicial Council, and the ministry of the Virginia Conference.

In Christ,

Bishop Sharma D. Lewis

WEEK OF PRAYER Conference-wide
April 2-8   
A prayer movement in response to the Council of Bishops initiative is called Praying Our Way Forward. You are invited whether clergy or laity to pray for God’s guidance. The Virginia Conference will hold its designated Week of Prayer from Apr. 2-8. The website umcprays.orgwill host prayer resources and prayer support for the church. Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett of North Alabama Conference and Bishop Al Gwinn serve as co-chairs of the Praying Our Way Forward movement. “Our prayer focus is two-fold: We are praying that God will help us to fulfill the mission of the church, and we are praying to be one in Christ,” said Bishop Wallace-Padgett. More…

Prayer for April 2 by Bishop Sharma D. Lewis
Eternal God, you promised in your Word, “…do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God…”
O God, I release my worries and concerns about the future of our denomination.
O God, I choose the discipline of prayer to seek your direction in all matters of life.
O God, I intercede on behalf of the 32 members on the Commission on a Way Forward.  Grant them peace and clarity in their moments of study, dialogue and reflection.
O God, I thank you for each member that was chosen for their love, commitment, gifts and graces they bring to The United Methodist Church.
O God, grant them wisdom, and guidance as they seek your face about the future of our denomination.
Lord in your mercy. Hear my prayer.
       Two ScheHoly Land eo_hometop_jerusalemduled Holy Land Trips

2017 September 4 – 14, Alex Joyner, DS of the Eastern Shore District and author of A Space for Peace in the Holy Land, is hosting a study trip to Israel and Palestine.  Learn more about the challenges and possibilities for peace as you tour the holy sites of the land.

For more information or to apply, follow this link:  http://www.eo.travelwithus.com/tours/holy-land-2017-peacemaking#eotours.
Tour HL 17, Date 090417, Code P, ID 56010.
Click for brochure


2018  February 26 – March 7 with Bishop Lewis – I invite you to join me in the Holy Land Program that will expand our knowledge of the Bible and this sacred land. A journey following the footsteps of Jesus will change the way you read the Bible, and you will learn why scholars refer to it as the “Fifth Gospel.” –Bishop Sharma D. Lewis

For more information or to apply, follow this link: http://www.eo.travelwithus.com/tours/holy-land-journey-with-bishop-sharma-d-lewis-and-the-virginia-conference-of-the-umc#.WJNpO1MrLiw.
Tour HL 18, Date 022618, Code L, ID 55915.
Click for brochure: