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Most of you probably received a copy of the Living Into Our Purpose with the wrong address where it should be returned.  I apologize for the mistake.  You should send the completed form to: Irene Chapman, 101 Fairfield Drive, Clarksville, VA 23927.  Her telephone number is 434-374-4752.  Lease return by August 31, 2016. Betsy Hanmer

A number of you are calling to my attention that you received the LINKETTE but pages 8 and 11 were blank.
I am so sorry to have confused you so much.  These pages were intentionally left blank and I should have informed you about them when I transmitted the newsletter.
The actual Newsletter ended with page 6.   Pages 7-12 are forms.   Since some of our ladies do not have copy machines so I decided that it would be better to leave the back of the forms blank (except in the case of the Reading Program Form which is a two page form) making the forms more easily distributed to the people in charge of filling them out as well as not having to reprint a form because another needed form was on the back of it.  I hope this makes sense and I will try harder to not confuse you again.  I could have made a  separate newsletter for the people who have email and for the ones who do not have email but that seemed like too much work at the time.
Alice Johnson, Farmville District Communications

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