District Superintendent’s Letter



Commission on a Way Forward

God’s will be done.  





Good afternoon Sisters and Brothers,

It’s that time of the year, Charge Conference Season! This year all charge conferences will be held on Sundays (3:00-5:00 pm). I have 12 Circle charge conferences which began last Sunday with Buckingham Circle. I will conclude our charge conferences on Dec. 3.

Our district’s vision is “Being passionate about leading, listening, loving all people to build up the Kingdom.” Pastors are sharing their visions for their churches and charges, and lay people are sharing “a new thing” how the church will ”lead with humility” in discipleship in the coming year.

At our 2018 charge conferences, I will ask how the church fulfilled their discipleship of “leading with humility!”

I am excited about our charge conference season, hearing your goals for discipleship! By 2020 Bishop Lewis wants every church to have a process of forming disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

See you at charge conference!


For You I Am Praying,


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