Wesley Foundation

Longwood-Hampden Sydney

In faithful response to God’s love for all creation, the Wesley Foundation in Farmville, Virginia exists in order to be an expression of this love, primarily to and with the students. We seek to enable students to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and to live out that commitment in a life of love and service. In addition, we seek to be in ministry to and with the faculty and staff, larger college community, and local United Methodist Churches.

Many groups use the Wesley Foundation Student Center. These groups include AA, the Catholic Campus Ministry of Longwood and Hampden-Sydney, the Farmville District Youth program, the Farmville UMC Senior High Youth, other community and church organizations, the Farmville District Pastors, and the District Committee on Ordained Ministry. It is our hope and prayer that the Wesley Foundation continues to be “a place where hearts are warmed.”

Richard Meiser, Director and Campus Minister